Uttarkashi District

Uttarkashi District | HOW TO REACH? | Uttarkashi District | PLACES IN THE CITY
Uttarkashi District | PLACES IN THE CITY
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  • Gangnani: Gangnani is a small town 46Km from Uttarkashi town, on the way to Gangotri. [the linked post is not published yet] Tourists love the picturesque town for its natural beauty, meditative environs and the hot water springs where pilgrims as well as non-pilgrim tourists take bath.
  • Dodital: Situated at 3,310 meters above sea level among dense deodar forest, Dodital stands for the rare Himalayan trout Dodi found in the lake. Dodital is a trekking destination witnessing thousands of trekkers every summer. Loved for the mysterious beauty and clean-fresh natural water, Dodital houses a temple dedicated to lord Ganesha on one of its corners. Legend says Dodital is the birthplace of lord Ganesha and is also called Dhundital, Dhundi meaning lord Ganesha.
  • Harsil Village : Harsil is a beautiful hill village in Uttarkashi district on the way to Gangotri, 73Km from Uttarkashi town. Surrounded by breathtaking Himalayan peaks, Harsil sits 2,620 meters above sea level and is famous among the trekkers for its immense beauty and impressive settings. Char Dham pilgrimages, other religious and non-religious tourists halt and enjoy the beauty of Harsil on their route to Gangotri glacier, Gangotri temple or Gangotri National park. Adventurers who love to play with snow choose to visit Harsil during December to March when the area remains snow bound. Cool climate of the region attracts thousands of nature lover travelers during the summer season. The region blessed with natural beauty beholds the name for being a destination to watch waterfalls, Himalayan peaks and spectacular valleys. Harsil enjoys extra tourists being the gateway to Kinnaur Himalayas of Himanchal Pradesh. Sorry for the foreign tourists, Harsil is a cantonment area and restrict to foreigners.

  • Duryodhan temple: Osla village of Uttarkashi houses a temple dedicated to Duryodhan, the hero of the hindu holy epic Mahabharata, some may refer to Duryodhan as the villain if only Pandavas are considered to be heroes. People around the Osla region believe Kauravas to be their ancestors and thus highly respect Duryodhan as their god.

Duryodhan was the first among 100 Kuru brothers and on the opposition of Pandavas in the war at Kurukshetra. The brave prince of Hastinapur, Duryodhan was killed by second Pandava Bhima instructed by lord Krishna. Duryodhana’s body was ironified by his mother Gandhari (Gandhari had closed her eyes to the world since she was married to Dhritarastra and so her eyes had preserved power to ironify anything she saw naked with her naked eyes) before the war. During this time, lord Krishna played a trick and asked Duryodhan to put clothes to prevent his mom seeing him nude. Duryodhan wrapped himself in a towel and went and thus rest of the parts except for his hips and thighs were ironified by Gandhari’s vision. In the war, Krishna instructed Bhima to kill Duryodhana by banging Gadha on Duryodhana’s thighs.
Duryodhan temple in Uttarkashi is in the honor of great warrier Duryodhana who was nurtured with ill ideas from his early childhood by his maternal uncle Sakuni.

  • Vishwanath temple: Vishwanath temple in Uttarkashi town of Uttarkashi district is dedicated to lord Shiva and is honored as highly as Vishwanath temple in Kashi. The huge trishul (trident), made of eight metals, in front of the temple is believed to be used by lord Shiva to kill Vakasur, the demon. Thousands of pilgrims pay devotional visit to Vishwanath temple every year.
  • Bhirav temple: Bhairav temple in Uttarkashi town little away from Vishwanath temple is dedicated to the angry form of lord Shiva and visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. The temple is highly honored for its religious significance and tourists like it for the architecture.
  • Submerged Shivlingam: Submerged Shivalinga is nearby Gangotri temple [the linked post is not published yet] in Uttarkashi district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. This is believed to be the place where lord Shiva sat and hold holy Ganga’s force on earth in his hair locks. The shivalingam visible during early winter when there is low water level is submerged in ice or water rest of the year.
  • Other places in Uttarkashi District are  Yamunotri temple | Gangotri glacier | Gangotri national park