Dronagiri Trek
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Dronagiri village named after the nestling hill Dronagiri in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is one of the major attraction of botanists and herbs experts. Dronagiri, also known as Dunagiri or Doonagiri and sometimes Doongiri, is 10Km trek from Jumma.  Jumma is a village 45Km from Joshimath on the Malari road along Dhauliganga river.

Once in Dronagiri village or Dronagiri hill station, trekkers feel live and enchanted. Local people’s hospitality and pleasing attitude make tourists forget the physical pain. Adventurers can camp under open sky and enjoy the nature. Trekkers are recommended not to miss the village walks and interaction with locals even if the goal to be in Dronagiri is just  fun and relaxation.

Dronagiri hill is at a height of 2,400 meters above sea level. The Dronagiri peak could not be seen from the village. A 2Km climb leads the trekkers to the Dhaar (ridge) and Dronagiri peak can be seen on a close range from here. 2Km more walk and the trekkers reach Nandi Kund (lake) from where the panoramic view of Dronagiri East, Trishul, Changa banga, Hardeval, Kalanka, Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti and other Himalayas can be seen. In the entire trek, visitors get enchanted to see the Himalayan herbs and flowers. Wild herbivores and carnivores populate the area. As you trek through, the splendid nature keeps your heart moving. The serene spiritual atmosphere of Dronagiri has attracted sages for meditation from ancient times.

Legend about Dronagiri Village/Dronagiri Hill Station

Dronagriri hill and Dronagiri village have their legendary history connected to Hindu holy epic Ramayana. In lord Ram’s war with Ravana, Laxman (lord Ram’s younger brother) was wounded by toxic arrow of Meghnad. Herb healer Sushain Vaidya suggested that Sanjivni booti (life saving herb) is the only way to cure the wound and save Laxman’s life. Sanjivni booti was found only in Dronagiri hill. Lord Ram’s devotee and major warrior of the Ram-Ravana war- Hanuman went to bring Sanjivni booti. The Vaidya had told that Sanjivni booti was found only in Dronagiri hill. When Hanuman reached Dronagiri hill, he couldn’t identify the herb and broke off the hilltop so it won’t be late to save Laxman. Laxman’s life was saved but the locals were hurt that Hanuman broke off the hill. Locals didn’t participate in the occasions where Hanuman was worshiped for a long time. Later, herbs grew on the hilltop, there is beautiful forest in the area and now people worship Hanuman. If you go to Dronagiri, you will see the chopped off landmass that draws the line between people’s faith to the legend.

Dronagiri Trek | Best Time to Visit

Dronagiri is one of the major hill stations in Uttarakhand state. Summer and spring months are best time to trek to Dronagiri village though monsoon rain and winter chill also attracts adventurers from far and near.

Weather in Dronagiri

  • Summer : Summer months April to mid-June are considered the best time for Dronagiri village/hill trek. The pleasing weather of summer in Dronagiri makes the trekkers forget the heat of terai regions.
  • Monsoon : Though monsoon in Dronagiri brings heavy rainfall, but a large number of tourists trek through the hill station to enjoy the rain and watch the greenery. Don’t forget to carry raincoat and some warm clothes to protect from cold due to rainfall.
  • Spring : The salubrious weather of Dronagiri during spring season makes it one of the best months for trekking. Dronagiri village looks like a bride decorated with natural jewels during spring, immediately after monsoon. The greenery attracts large number of tourists.
  • Winter : Cold weather of Dronagiri village during winter season is also enjoyed by wide tourist population. You must pack heavy woolen clothes and comfortable shoes to trek through the area. Enjoy the chilling weather in remote north Indian hill station village.

Dronagiri Trek | How to Reach ?

Trek to Dronagiri hill station village begins from Jammu village 10Km away. Jammu can be reached from Joshimath (45Km away) on taxi or jeep hired from the spot tourist choose depending on the budget plan and choice. We discuss on the nearest transportation facilities here:

  • By Air: You can either go to Jolly Grant Airport- Dehradun or Pantnagar Airport, Udham Singh Nagar. The distance is almost similar. You must apply other modes of transportation from these airports to reach Dronagiri.
  • By Train: The nearest railhead is Kathgodam Nainital 90Km from Doonagiri glacier. You will find vehicle to Joshimath from Kathgodam Nainital.
  • By Road: You can go to Joshimath from Dehradun, Haridwar or Rishikesh. The curvy roads will be fun though torture to those who have vomiting problem in the route. You must carry anti-vomiting medicines and other food stuffs.

Route to Dronagiri

Dronagiri Trek | Places Nearby

  • Dwarhat: A cute and beautiful town in Almora district, Dwarhat lies 1500 meters above the sea level. Cool weather of this region will please you any time of the year, winter being colder. Mahavatar Babaji’s cave on Pandukholi mountain is the main attraction of Dwarhat and Dwarahat Ashram attracts many for meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Jaurasi: Situated 2,743 meters above the sea level, hill town Jaurasi provides cool and refreshing weather during extreme summer too. Beautified by nature, hill station Jaurasi keeps the visitors spellbound with snow capped Himalayan views, dancing rivers, beautiful meadows, diverse flora and vegetation and incomparable pleasing weather. Friendly, interactive simple locals will leave an impression in you all your life.
  • Chaukhutia: Attracting hundreds of tourists with its fascinating beauty, Chaukhutia majestically sits on the bank of Ramganga river. The name Chaukhutia stands for four legs pointing to four places- Ramnagar, Karnaprayag, Ranikhet plus Almora being in same direction and Tadaktaal. The place is famous for its historical past connecting to religious myths.
  • Some of the recommended treks for trekkers who already have been to Dronagiri village or hill station are — BadrinathVishnuprayagNanda Devi Biosphere Reserve   |  Auli  | Doonagiri Glacier  |  Joshimath