Ranikhet Hill Station

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Ranikhet Hill Station | PLACES
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  • Bageshwar: Named after the temple Bagnath, devoted to lord Shiva, Bageshwar city 98Km from
  • Ranikhet hill station is the municipal board of Bageshwar district of Devoffers you chances to play with snow during December and January. 1,869 meters above sea level, Bhoomi Uttarakhand. Situated 38Km from Kausani, Bageshwar lies in the confluence of Saryu and Gomti river attracting thousands of tourists every year. Neeleshwar and Bheeleshwar hills facing each other are on walking distance from Bageshwar city with Chandika temple and Shiva temple on their tops. Though you can drive to Bheeleshwar, trek to both of these hills will be refreshing and will provide you with beautiful sceneries.
  • Mukteshwar Temple: The temple of lord Shiva from whose name the village and hill station gets its name Mukteshwar, Mukteshwar temple 61.6Km from Ranikhet hill station is highly worshipped in Kumaun region. The marvelous white marble Shivaling in Mukteshwar temple is surrounded by idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, Hanuman, Ganesh and Nandi. The temple, accessible by stone stairs is situated 2,312 meters above sea level.
  • Binsar Mahadev Temple : Hills in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand are covered by lord Shiva’s temples asthe Kumaon and Garhwalhills are believed to be traced by lord Shiva as he had his home in Trishul peak of Uttarakhand. Binsar Mahadev Temple around 66.2Km from Ranikhet hill station is one of those Shiva temples widely visited in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Every June, Yagya is held in the temple and thousands of devotees participate in the Yagya ceremony.
  • Katarmal Sun Temple : Built in 9th Century by Katarmalla, a Katyuri king, the Surya (sun)temple at Katarmal provides the magnificent view of Almora. Katarmal sun temple is 30.2Km from Ranikhet hill station. Katarmal Sun temple has a cluster of 44 small exquisitely carved temples surrounding it. The magnificently carved beautiful pillars and wooden doors, spectacular architecture and artistic stone and metallic sculptures are admired by anyone who reaches the Surya temple.
  • Chitai Temple : Temple of Golu devta- the god of justice, worshipped by Kumauni people, Chitai temple is believed to fulfill the wishes of devotees. Devotees of Golu devta write their problems in paper chit and paste in Chitai temple premises. When their wishes are fulfilled, people hang bells in the temple premise. You can enjoy the majestic view of great Himalaya from Chitai temple premises. If you walk for one more hour, you can dance with nature in the dense pine forest.
  • Baijanath group of Temples: In the Garuda valley, on the banks of Gomti river lies a beautiful temple town Baijanath. 76.6Km from Ranikhet hill station and 16Km from Kausani, Baijanath is home to a beautiful pond where fishes are protected. You can feed the fishes and pass time enjoying natural beauty. Temple complex has black stone of idol of goddess Parvati on its entrance.
  • Syalikhet: 25Km from Ranikhet among the lush green forest and apple orchards, Syalikhet houses Syahi Devi temple and offers mind blowing beauty to the visitors.
  • Kumaun Regimental Center (KRC) Museum: Built in Ranikhet in 1974, Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial is a symbol of bravery and sacrifice made by soldiers of the place. Every year a parade is held in respect of the sacrifice of soldiers. Rani Jhasi (Jhasi ki Rani)’s silver scepter, Chinese rifles from 1962 war, Japanese wireless field telephone of World War II, documents related to the Kargil War and many other Kumaon and Garhwal regiments historical treasures are preserved in the KRC museum. The museum in the place was built in 1978 and Kumauni legacy and customs are preserved in Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum.
  • Dwarhat: A cute and beautiful town in Almora district, Dwarhat 33.6Km from Ranikhet hill station lies 1500 meters above the sea level. Cool weather of this region will please you any time of the year, winter being colder. Mahavatar Babaji’s cave on Pandukholi mountain is the main attraction of Dwarhat and Dwarahat Ashram attracts many for meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Major tourist destinations nearby Ranikhet hill station are – Mukteshwar Hill Station | Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary