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Mukteshwar Hill Station
Location Altitude (m) Population Pin Code STD Code Head Quarter
2171 1168 263138 05942 Uttarakhand,India

At an altitude of 2286 meters above sea level, Mukteshwar hill station is in Nainital district, 51Km from Nainital, 72Km from Haldiwani and 343Km from Delhi. Mukteshwar got its name for a 350 years old Shiva temple. Lord Shiva is considered as the lord of salvation- mokshya in Sanskrit which is called mukti in local language, thus the name Mukteshwar- who provides mukti (salvation). Mukteshwar temple is one of the major attractions in Mukteshwar hill station. Trekkers love to pay visit to the temple and observe 350 years old craft and culture. Besides this, Chauli ki Jali in Mukteshwar is popular for rock climbing. At Chauli ki jali, travelers enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is an ideal place to observe eagles and other feathered hunter birds- tourists can see them diving down at their prey.

Mukteshwar Hill Station Tourism

travel & tourismTrekkers become overwhelmed by the enchanting view of orchards of Central Institutes of Temperate Horticulture-Regional Station. The 16 by 14 mile wide deodar forest gives a sensation of oneself being in the movie land and travelers become more excited with the opportunity to live among wildlife like tigers and bears. The air gushing through the deodar forest touches the tourist leaving immense pleasure; birds are other attractions in the area. Deer, languor, rhesus monkey are the common animals in the forest. Mountain birds like black winged kite, red billed leothrix, ruby throat and white-crested laughing thrush will keep the visitor gazing and feeling good. Traveling through beautiful orchards and dense forests are fun and excitement in Mukteshwar hill station.

One must visit IVRI laboratories in Mukteshwar hill station where experiments on tiny rats are conducted. Other major attractions in IVRI are the gold-plated books and cattle-sheds. Roaming around Mukteshwar hill station, tourists explore more and more adventurous spots. Natural beauty blended with varied attractions around Mukteshwar hill station highlight your tour and makes your trip memorable.

Mukteshwar has a subtropical highland climate, potato is the major crop produced here. Tourists buy local products like candles, woolen shawls and mufflers for memory and as gift to their loved ones. The polite and friendly villagers help trekkers explore Kumauni village of Uttarakhand. Every traveler feels good to be in Mukteshwar hill station and no doubt every visitor recommends this place to their friends, family and narrates the story to their offspring.


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