Sunderdhunga Glacier
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Sunderdhunga also written as Sundardhunga is famous for the beautiful stones as name itself suggests. Sunder meaning beautiful and dhunga meaning stone, Sunderdhunga valley gets its name for the beautiful stones and rocks it treasures. Around 24Km from Khati in Bageshwar district, the trek to Sunderdhunga is comparatively difficult but promisingly beautiful. Visited by tourists far and near to watch the lovely stones, Sunderdhunga valley offers challenging trek to both amateur and professional trekkers.

Trek to Sunderdhunga begins from Loharkhet, 10Km from Bamsera. Bamsera is connected with Bageshwar by highway. Khati is around 18Km from Loharkhet through Dhakuri. The trek provides spectacular views of Himalayan ranges, waterfalls and the trekkers need to pass through deep forests. Khati to Sunder Dhunga view point distance is 24Km covered by a night halt at Kathalia 7Km from Surkham Cave and Maiktoli glacier. Surkham Cave and Maiktoli glacier are both 7Km from Kathalia but in opposite directions.

Tourists go to Sunderdhunga to watch the beautiful stones, capture the stones in their camera and most importantly to free themselves from day to day stress of urban life. Interaction with innocent villagers and learning about culture and traditions from them on the route to Sunderdhunga is a life time achievement to free the mind in any kind of stress in days ahead. Lessons learned from the life of simple village people and their lifestyle let the city bees know life more closely and distract mind from too much of selfness and love to materialism. Sunderdhunga valley is beautiful, pleasing and with full of meditative vibes.

Sunderdhunga glacier sits below Maiktoli hill and can be viewed from both Maiktoli glacier and Surkham Cave. Maiktoli and Surkham both are the trekking destinations in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand offering splendid beauty to the tourists.

Sunderdhunga Glacier | Best Time to Visit

There is no time restrictions for Sunderdhunga glacier trek though winter months challenge with chilling cold and monsoon months disrupt the trek with heavy rain making the tough route more slippery. Trekkers can plan the tour keeping in mind the season, weather conditions and the courage or capacity to tolerate the adverse climatic conditions.

Weather in Sunderdhunga Glacier

  • Summer : Summer months March to mid-June are the best time for Sunderdhunga glacier trekking. The route is fine and weather is favorable for the trek. It is the best trekking time in Sunderdhunga glacier.
  • Monsoon:  Clumsy weather and heavy rainfall makes the route slippery and difficult to walk through. the slippery rocks on the route become dangerous for the trekkers.
  • Spring: From mid-September to early November, Sunderdhunga glacier trek offers the tourists with enchanting view, abundant greenery and clear sky with pleasant weather. The climatic condition during spring makes it the best time to trek to Sunderdhunga besides Summer season.
  • Winter: Trekkers to Sunderdhunga glacier face extreme cold and clumsy weather during winter season. Sun rays are rare and the shaded route trembles the trekkers. It is better avoid winter months trekking.

Sunderdhunga Glacier | How to Reach?

Sunderdhunga Glacier is reached by a long trek of around 50Km from Loharkhet through Dhakuri-Khati-Kathalia. Loharkhet is 10Km from Bamsera. Bamsera is 26Km motorable road from Bageshwar city of Bageshwar district. Here we discuss on how the tourists can reach Bageshwar city to begin Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek:

  • By air: Pant Nagar airport Udham Singh Nagar is the nearest airport  180Km from Bageshwar city.
  • By rail: Kathgodam railway station Nainital is the nearest railhead 148Km from Bageshwar city.
  • By road: Bageshwar city is easily reached from Almora, Nainital, Chamoli and any other major cities of Uttarakhand state through road network.

Route to Sunderdhunga Glacier

  •  Nainital – Almora – Bageshwar – Bamsera – Loharkhet – Dhakuri – Khati – Kathalia – Sunderdhunga Glacier

Sunderdhunga Glacier | Places Nearby