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Udham Singh Nagar
Location Area (sq km) Altitude (m) Population Pin Code STD Code Head Quarter
2908 550 1235614 263150 0594 Uttarakhand,India

Udham Singh Nagar district, named after martyr Udham Singh – the freedom fighter who took revenge for the Jalianwala Bagh massacre and killed General Dyre, is known as Mini Hindustan for it boosts with people of diverse culture, tradition, religion and lifestyle living together in harmony and brotherhood proving the ‘Unity in Diversity’ theme of India. Lovingly called as ‘Chawal ki Nagari’ for its popular paddy around India, Udham Singh Nagar district is rich in agriculture. Irrigation from different rivers and reservoirs in the district has made Udham Singh Nagar district the food bowl of Uttarakhand state.

Along with agriculture Udham Singh Nagar holds its grip on industrial sector as well. Automobiles, paper and paper products, rice and sugar industries are the prominent industries in Udham Singh Nagar district that export goods to other districts of Uttarkahand state and other states of India too.

Udham Singh Nagar District – Administrative Setup

Udham Singh Nagar district is divided into 3 major divisions, 4 tehsils and 2 sub tehsils. Rudrapur is the district headquarter of Udham Singh Nagar. In the east, neighboring country Nepal borders with Udham Singh Nagar, Champawat district lies in north east border, Nainital district is in the north and Uttar Pradesh borders in west and south of Udham Singh Nagar district. There are 13 allopathic hospitals, 1 ayurvedic hospital, 26 community health centers, 153 primary health centers, 23 beds in government hospital and 6 beds in ayurvedic hospital in Udham Singh Nagar district to address the health needs of general public. To provide easy and affordable access to education, there are 1,334 primary schools, 518 middle schools, 193 secondary and senior secondary schools, 11 colleges and 1 technical university in Udham singh Nagar district.

Udham Singh Nagar District – Economy

Udham Singh Nagar district is popular as the land of agriculture and industries and widely known as the district of industries in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state of India.

Udham Singh Nagar has fertile land for agricultural activities. Different kinds of agricultural activities are conducted in the region. G. B. Pant University producing technical experts and agricultural scientists confirms the value and standard of technology and agriculture in Udham Singh Nagar. The first university to merge technology with agriculture, G.B. Pant University in Udham Singh Nagar is renowned all over the world.

Currently large automobile industries like TATA motor, Bajaj, Ashok layland, Mahindra and Mahindra are working in Udham Singh Nagar district. Automobile parts or vehicles, paper and paper product, sugar, rice, electrical items, food product based industries and packaging materials are the major manufacturing industries prominently running in Udham Singh Nagar district. Potential areas for economic industries are AC and IT related fields, electrical sector, hotel, restaurant, human resource suppliers and tool rooms can flourish. Plumber and machine operators are demanding working areas in Udham Singh Nagar district.

History of Udham Singh Nagar District

Udham Singh Nagar district came into existence in October 1995 when the terai belt of Nainital district was separated to form an independent district. The forested land of terai where wild animals roamed freely and diseases such as malaria ruled the area was inaccessible for human civilization due to harsh climate- extreme heat and longer monsoon and the marshy lands. Thus the area where the industrial kingdom of Uttarakhand state stands today was neglected even by the British when they governed this part as Nainital district under Tarai and Bhawar Government act.

In December of the year 1948, the Indian government reestablished the immigrant refugees from north west and eastern areas in 164.2 square kilometers of land under the ‘upnivesh yojana’.  At that time this land was not allowed for personal dwellers. Today, people from Kerala, Bengal, Rajasthan, Naidu, Kashmir, Punjab, Hariyana, eastern Uttar Pradesh, Garhwal, Kumaun and Nepal live in harmony and brotherhood in Udham Singh Nagar district.

Population of Udham Singh Nagar District

According to the national census 2011, Udham Singh Nagar district has a total population of 1,648,902 with 790,119 female and 858,783 male where the child population aged 0-6 is 229,162 with 108,475 girls and 120,687 boys. The urban population is % of the total population, in number. % of the population is rural, in number.

73.10% people in Udham Singh Nagar are literate.

Total Area 2,542 Sq. Km.
Particulars Total Female Male Remarks
Population 1,648,902 790,119 858,783 Growth rate: 33.45% change as of 2001
Sex ratio  920 women per 1000 men
Literate population 1,037,839 439,314 598,525
Literacy rate (%) 73.10 64.45 81.09
Child population (age 0-6) 229,162 108,475 120,687 13.90% of total
Child sex ratio 899 girls per 1000 boys
Urban Population 586,760 278,447 308,313 35.58% of total
Urban sex ratio  903 women per 1000 men
Urban literate population 385,122 166,034 219,088
Urban Literacy rate (%) 75.89 68.88 82.22
Urban Child population (age 0-6) 79,276 37,414 41,862 13.51% of total
Urban Child sex ratio  894 girls per 1000 boys
Rural population 1,062,142 511,672 550,672 64.42% of total
Rural sex ratio  930 women per 1000 men
Rural literate population 652,717 273,280 379,437
Rural Literacy rate (%) 71.55 62.02 80.45
Rural Child population (age 0-6) 149,886 71,061 78,825 14.11% of total
Rural Child sex ratio  902 girls per 1000 boys
Proportion to Uttarakhand Population 16.35%

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