Chamoli District

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Chamoli District | PLACES AROUND
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  • Joshimath: Gateway to several mountain climbing expeditions, trekking route to major Char Dham pilgrimage Badrinath, Joshimath in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is 6,150 meters above sea level. The Narsinha temple

  • of Bhavishya Badri denoting the future Badri and one among Panch Badri sits majestically at Joshimath. Trek for 10Km and you will reach Tapovan with hot water spring and enthralling beauty of Dhauliganga comes to your sight.
  • Gopeshwar: Similar to Kedarnath temple in structure, Gopeshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva is 10Km from Chamoli with a grand dome, 30 square feet sanctum and the temple has 24 doors. Gopeshwar temple built in 9th to 11th century AD during Katyuri dynasty is the home of Rudranath temple- one among Panch Kedar during winter season. This is the only Shiva temple where milk and water are not offered to lord Shiva and only ‘Bel-Patra’ is offered. The legend states it to be the place where a cow everyday milked on the Shiva Linga and the king of the state constructed a temple in the place.
  • Vyas Gufa: Mana village housing Vyas Gufa lies 3Km of Badrinath temple. This isthe cave where Maharshi (sage) Vyas was born from Satyavati- the woman born from an angle who had born in the form of fish as a curse. The cursed angel ate up the sperm of a brave King being delivered by the King in a bird’s mouth to the queen and bore two children in her womb. Later a girl and a boy child were taken out while a ship sailor fisherman cut the fish for food. The angel was thus released of her sin. The baby boy was taken by the King and baby girl, named Satyavati was taken care of by the Matsya Raj-the ship sailor fisherman. Maharshi Parasar, attracted by the beauty of Satyavati, created mist around Yamuna and copulated with her. In turn, Satyavati lost her bad smell of fish and received the pleasing wide spread smell. Thus sage Vyas was conceived and born nearby Saraswati river in the premises of Vyas Gufa- the only place where river Saraswati appear. It is believed that Vyas grew and went for meditation immediately after his birth. He performed meditation in Vyas Gufa.
  • Major tourist destinations in Chamoli District are – Dronagiri Hill/Village | Kuari Pass | Auli | Panch Kedar | Rudranath | Kalpeshwar | Panch Badri | Badri Vishal | Adi Badri | Yogdhyan Badri | Bhavishya Badri | Vridda Badri | Panch Prayag | Vishnuprayag | Nandprayag | Karnaprayag | Hemkund Sahib