Har ki Doon
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Har ki Doon valley is a popular trekking destination in Utarkashi district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state in India offering easy to moderate trekking route. Har ki Doon trek is preferred for first time trekkers to get introduced to trekking world.

Situated on the base of Fateh Parvat at 3,556 meters above sea level, Har ki Doon valley is widely loved by nature lovers and is growing as a popular spot for bird watching.

Har ki Doon Trek

Offering easy to moderate trekking route, Har ki Doon is becoming more popular among the nature lover trekking enthusiasts from some years. The isolated villages with simple and innocent villagers ready to interact with the outsiders and share pleasing smile inspire the trekkers. Small beautiful houses made of stones and wood attract the tourists with their beautiful crafts, especially on doors. The crafts are primarily relating to Mahabharata stories.

Dense forest of pine, bhojpatra and rare brahma kamal considered as sacred beautify the heavenly land energizing the trekkers. Long trekking route to Har ki Doon is easy and comfortable with the peaceful environment and enchanting views of Himalayas. Trekkers find enough space to dwell in the nature and forget all stress.

Legend of Har Ki Doon

Har ki Doon valley is on Sworgarohini peak which is believed to be the one from where Yudhisthira, the first of Pandava brothers, renowned for his truthfulness, ascended to heaven with his dog.

Har ki Doon by its name explains it is the valley of gods. Legend says this was the valley where gods and goddesses roamed in the peaceful environs. The dense forest of pine, bhojpatra, brahma kamal and other plants add flavor to the trek and give an air that the gods and goddesses must have treaded through the hanging valley beautified by nature.

Locals of this region believe themselves to be the generations of Kauravas and Pandavas. Many believe that they are from Kauravas and so have high position for Duryodhana. Duryodhana temple at Osla is one of the evidence to their faith.

Har ki Doon |Best time to Visit

Being the remotest place to visit, Har ki Doon valley is best trekked during Summer months May-June and Spring months late September and October. During monsoon months, July-August-September, the long trekking route may create problem though many trekkers love to challenge themselves during monsoon as the route is not difficult.

Har ki Doon valley is all covered in snow during the winter and trekking is not possible.

Har ki Doon | How to Reach?

The journey usually begins from Dehradun through bus or taxi. Here we discuss on how one can reach Dehradun to begin the journey via Mussoorie reaching upto Sankri village and again driving upto Taluka in taxi or jeep and finally beginning the trek:

  • By air: Jolly Grant airport Dehradun has regular flight connected to Delhi. Jolly Grant airport is 24.8Km from main city Dehradun. You will find taxi and cabs to other parts of the district from Jolly Grant airport. Also you can find state and city bus for Dehradun city.
  • By rail: Dehradun Railway station is in Govind Nagar in the city of Dehradun only 1.1Km from the main city. Other rail stations in Dehradun district are Raiwala (42.1Km), Rishikesh (41.9Km), Doiwala (19.8Km) and Harrawala (9.7Km).
  • By road: Dehradun has a well connected road network to other parts of Uttarakhand state and other major cities of India.

Route to Har ki Doon

  • Dehradun¬†– Mussoorie – Sankri Village – Taluka –¬†Har ki Doon

Har ki Doon | Places Nearby

  • Morinda Tal: Morinda tal is 3Km trek from Har ki Doon offering beautiful view of the Himalayas, greenery and attracting visitors with its own heavenly beauty.
  • Jamdhar Glacier: Jamdhar glacier is towards Sworgarohini peak, can be seen by 4Km trek from Har ki Doon. To the nature lover trekkers, Jamdhar glacier, 10Km from Har ki Doon, is another spot to explore in Uttarkashi district.
  • Ruinsara Tal: Rediating its beauty to the surrounding, Ruinsara tal sits some kilometers from Har ki Doon valley and pleases the trekkers with its unbeatable beauty.
  • Duryodhan Temple: Osla village houses a temple dedicated to Duryodhan, one of the heroes of the hindu holy epic Mahabharata who was fighting on the opposition of Pandavas. People around the Osla region believe Kauravas to be their ancestors and thus highly respect Duryodhan as their god.