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Uttarakhand Guide

Uttarakhand state, known as Dev Bhoomi- the land of the God, is the sacred state of India. It is believed that the Gods and Goddesses traded over this region in ancient times. Every Himalayan peaks jeweled with big or small temples and mythological tales connected to each of those temples draw the line of faith.

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is blessed with such a natural beauty that you must once visit or you will miss something in life. Himalayan ranges, the sacred rivers, lakes, natural forests, wildlife, geographical diversity, own cultural significance, religious well-being have made Uttarakhand the heaven on earth.

Uttarakhand is major tourism spot in India for its religious significance, mesmerizing natural beauty with enough space for trekkers, adventure lovers and researchers/students. Uttarakhand is highly visited with internal and international tourists throughout the year. Pilgrims throughout the world come for Char Dham darshan (devotional visit) during May to October when the snow melt and Char DhamBadrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri open for devotees.

On 9th November 2000, Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand was declared the 27th State of Republic of India. Till then, it was in Uttar Pradesh. According to the 2011 Census of India, Uttarakhand has a population of 10,116,752. Among them, 69.45% of population lives in the rural areas. Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand has a total area of 51,125 square km. 93% of the land is mountainous and 64% of the land of Uttarakhand is covered by forest. The Himalayan peaks and glaciers where originate the largest and sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna are in the northern part of Uttarakhand. The densely forested lower foothills are home to many wild animals like bharal, leopards, snow leopards and tigers. Varied plants and rare herbs are also found in the forests of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is the Northern part of India connected to Nepal in the north with its history connected to the country.


Uttarakhand has its own prominent Dance Culture, Singing Culture and many literary figures like Ganga Prasad Vimal, Manohar Shyam Joshi, Mohan Upreti, Shailesh Matiyani, Shivani, Sumitranandan Pant were grown in the soil of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is rich in architecture. Wood carving is prominent- doors, windows, walls and ceilings with carved designs of deities, floral patterns and various geometrical shapes are the attractions of village houses. Temples of the Dev Bhoomi depict the prosperity of Uttarakhand in art and culture.

  • Spoken Languages : Hindi, Kumaoni, Garhwali, Jaunsari and Bhotiya
  • Official Languages : Hindi and Sanskrit.
  • Major Festivals : Holi, Dussehra, Vasant Panchami, Makar Sankranti, Khatarua, Ghee Sankranti, Bat Savitri and Phool Dei.

Districts in Uttarakhand

There are total 13 districts in Uttarakhand under Kumaon and Garhwal divisions:


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