Panch Prayag

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On the way to Badrinath temple- one of CharDham pilgrimages and one among Panch Badri, at the confluence of Alaknanda river and Nandakini river, lies Nandprayag- the second of Panch Prayag, other four being Vishnuprayag, Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag and Devprayag according to the descending order of river Alakhananda river who meets other four tributaries of holy Ganga at four different places.It derives the legend of Panch Prayag on its formation.

Nandprayag lies in Chamoli district on Joshimath-Badrinath road, 21.3Km from Karnaprayag and 10.5Km from Chamoli. Situated 914 meters above sea level, Nandprayag is believed to be the capital city of Yadu Kingdom in Dwapar Yuga. The legend says, King Nand had meditated at the confluence on a stone to lord Vishnu at this place. Lord Vishnu answered to his prayer and accepted to be his son but the same blessings was received by Devki, the sister of cruel King Kansa. To manage this situation, lord Vishnu took birth from Devki and was brought up by Nand-Yasoda. The stone in which King Nand meditated is used as the foundation of Nandprayag temple. The place derives the name from King Nand who meditated at the confluence of Alaknanda and Nandakini rivers.

Hindu devotees take a dip at the sacred confluence Nandprayag before entering Nandprayag temple to perform pooja (worship). The mesmerizing beauty of two sister rivers meeting at the confluence will remain in your mind all your life. One fierce sister meeting another placid sister and both calming down to flow together offers an enchanting view.

Nandprayag is not just a religious place with temple and confluence but it is also famous trekking destination. People often come for sightseeing, skiing and rock climbing to Nandprayag. Adventure sports has flourished in Nandprayag. Besides, Nandprayag is a beautiful town and a nagar panchayat of Chamoli district that offers opportunities for shopping to carry something for memory at home. Beauty of Nandprayag town standing over the Nandprayag provides you chances to roam around and relax after long tour of pilgrimages.

Nandprayag | Best Time to Visit

Besides the monsoon months you can trip to Nandprayag any time during the year. Monsoon is also fun with green vegetation and profound natural beauty, but heavy rainfall makes the trip tough by landslide and road blockage. The best time to visit will be from March to June and October to November.

Nandprayag | How to Reach?

  • By Air: Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 208Km from Nandprayag through Rishikesh-Devprayag-Rudraprayag.
  • By Rail: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 192Km from Nandprayag. You can find bus and taxi from Rishikesh to Nandprayag.
  • By Road: Nandprayag is well connected through roadways from all the major cities like Nainital, Almora, Srinagar, Haridwar, Rishikesh,Dehradun, Karnaprayag, Devprayag, Rudraprayag and other towns of Uttarakhand. Delhi is 422Km from Nandprayag.

Nandprayag | Places Nearby

  • Gopeshwar Temple: Similar to Kedarnath temple in structure, Gopeshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva is 10Km from Chamoli with a grand dome, 30 square feet sanctum and the temple has 24 doors. Gopeshwar temple built in 9th to 11th century AD during Katyuri dynasty is the home of Rudranath temple– one among Panch Kedar during winter season. This is the only Shiva temple where milk and water are not offered to lord Shiva and only ‘Bel-Patra’ is offered.
  • Gangeshwar Temple: Before reaching Nandprayag, there comes a small diversion which leads to a Gangeshwar Mahadev temple residing grandly under a vast Peepal tree. You need to cross a bridge over Alaknanda river to reach Gangeshwar temple.
  • Gopalji and Chandika Maa Temple: When you are in Nandprayag market, you will encounter a path that leads to Gopalji temple dedicated to lord Krishna. If you move further ahead, you will reach Chandika Maa temple dedicated to goddess Parvati sitting under an umbrella.
  • Hanuman Chhatti: Hanuman Chatti or Chhatti is the temple dedicated to Hanuman. Hanuman appeared in Dwapar Yuga in front of Bheema in the form of old Monkey with its tail spread long on the way. He did so to test the strength of Bheema who boasted about his strength. Not being able to lift the tail of the monkey, Bheema realized that it was not a normal monkey but lord Shiva himself had come to bless him.
  • Chopta Village: Surrounded by pine, deodar and rhododendron forest with varied flora and fauna, chopta village, 2,680 meters above the sea level provides you with spectacular  view of Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and Trishul peaks and is the spot from where trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila peak begins.
  • Other famous places Near to Nandprayag are – Kakbhusandi Lake  |   Auli  |   Vishnuprayag Karnaprayag  |  Valley of Flowers  |  Hemkund Sahib .
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