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Yogdhyan Badri, 1,920 meters above sea level is situated in Pandukeshwar in Joshimath-Badrinath route nearby Govind Ghat. Housing the temple of lord Vishnu in meditative posture as that in main Badrinath temple, Yogdhyan Badri derives its name from the meditative position of the enshrined Badri idol.

Copper plate inscriptions found at Yogdhyan Badri have helped dig out the history of the temple and Katyuri dynasty rule in the region.

Pandukeshwar, where the Yogdhyan Badri temple lies, is named after King Pandu, father of Pandavas, the heroes of Hindu holy epic Mahabharata. King Pandu, cursed by a sage in the form of deer (at the time when Pandu shot arrow to the copulating deer couples) to die the very moment whenever he (Pandu) has an urge for sex, went to the Himalayas for meditation and spent years meditating. Pandukeshwar is the place where King Pandu spent the last days of his life meditating before dying at the time of trying physical relation with his second wife Madri.

Yogdhyan Badri Tourism

Yogdhyan Badri in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state in India is situated in a picturesque location attracting thousands of nature lover adventurers from and outside India. Religious significance of Yogdhyan Badri as one of the Panch Badri shrine brings thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year. Yogdhyan Badri on the route to Badrinath temple is visited by all the devotional pilgrims to Badrinath on their way to or from Badrinath. The surrounding beauty of the nature, picturesque Himalayan peaks, pleasing weather, enchanting lake Surya Kund all combine together to offer the breath taking view to the tourists in Yogdhyan Badri.

Surya Kund nearby Yogdhyan Badri temple is believed to be the place where Kunti, the first wife of King Pandu, gave birth to Karna. Karna was the son of Surya (the Sun) and Kunti born of unmarried Kunti when she was experimenting the blessings of Rishi (sage) Durbasha. Being unable to handle the situation, young girl Kunti left Karna in holy river Ganga from where the baby was rescued and brought up by a charioteer of Dhritarastra (the elder blind brother of King Pandu who ruled Hastinapur after Pandu left for meditation and secluded lifestyle).

Rishi Durbasha, well known for his anger, blessed Kunti with a mantra (verse) that helped her call any god from heaven in front of her to grant child. Rishi Durbasha, who could see the future, was well aware that later after Kunti’s marriage with Pandu, King Pandu will be cursed not to copulate and thus blessed Kunti for her service to him. Kunti later gave birth to 3 other sons besides Karna and also transferred her knowledge of the mantra to Madri who gave birth to 2 more sons. Thus King Pandu became the proud father of five brave sons collectively called Pandava (five).

The meditative vibration at Yogdhyan Badri encourages the tourists towards meditations and spiritualism.

Yogdhyan Badri | Best Time to Visit

Yogdhyan Badri is visited by devoted pilgrims throughout the year. Enshrining the meditative idol of lord Vishnu as that at Badrinath and being accessible in all seasons of the year, Yogdhyan Badri witness thousands of pilgrims all around the year.

Religious tourists as well as adventure lovers frequent Yogdhyan Badri in all seasons. The place offers pleasing environment and enchanting view in all four seasons of the year.

Yogdhyan Badri | How to Reach?

Yogdhyan Badri, on the route to Badrinath in Joshimath-Badrinath road is only 23Km below Badrinath. Pilgrims and trekkers can reach Yogdhyan Badri through the motorable road. The journey begins from Haridwar (295Km) or Rishikesh (275Km).

    • By Air: Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 289Km from Pandukeshwar. Tourists hire cab or buses direct from the airport to Yogdhyan Badri or go to Haridwar and Rishikesh and start their trip.
    • By Rail: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 273Km from Pandukeshwar. Tourists find cab or buses to Yogdhyan Badri temple form Rishikesh.
    • By Road: The trip to Yogdhyan Badri usually begins from Haridwar passing through Rishikesh-DevprayagRudraprayagKarnaprayagNandprayag-Joshimath-Vishnuprayag-Yogdhyan Badri.

Route to Yogdhyan Badri

  • Kedarnath – Gaurikund – Phata – Guptakashi – Kund – Ukhimath – Chopta – Mandal – Gopeshwar – Chamoli – Pipalkoti – Joshimath – Yogdhyan Badri
  • Dehradun – Rishikesh – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Karnaprayag – Chamoli – Pipalkoti – Joshimath – Yogdhyan Badri

Major Tourist Destinations nearby Yogdhyan Badri areBadrinath  | Vishnuprayag Joshimath

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