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Vridha Badri, sometimes spelled as Vriddha or Bridha Badri, is situated at Animath in Chamoli district in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state of India. Only 7Km from Joshimath in Joshimath-Badrinath road, Vridha Badri lies on the way to Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple and can be reached before Helang. Vridha Badri, 1,380 meters above sea level, dedicated to lord Vishnu, enshrines the statue of Badri as an old man. This is why Vridha Badri gets its name where the word Vridha means old and Badri is the name of lord Vishnu in Badrikshetra.

Legend of Vridha Badri

Legend states that sage Narada performed penance at this spot to please lord Vishnu. Pleased by Narada’s penance, lord Vishnu appeared at Animath in the form of an old man and answered to Narada’s prayer. Vishwakarma, the architect of gods and goddesses, crafted the statue of Badri as an old man and the statue was established in Animath. Lord Badrinath lived at Animath for years during ancient times. Later, the statue of Badrinath at Animath was flodded and fell down in the nearby lake Narad Kund.

In 8th Century, Aadi Shankaracharya found the broken statue of lord Vishnu in the form of Vridha (old) man and reestablished it. Aadi Shankaracharya established Badrinath at the present place. It is also said that the original statue crafted by Vishwakarma is now established at Badrinath.

Vridha Badri Tourism

Vridha Badri shrine is easily accessible, only 7Km trek from Joshimath. Pilgrims and trekkers occupy the route to Vridha Badri throughout the year. Spectacular beauty of the surrounding, pleasing weather and positive vibrations highlight the tour. The temple remains open throughout the year and Vridha Badri witness religious tourists and adventure lovers from far and near all around the year. Spiritual souls find Vridha Badri as a spot to practice meditation. Vridha Badri temple keeps its age old image of being the old Badrinath temple and today too spreads the meditative aura in visitors and passersby. Pilgrims and non-pilgrim tourists spend hours at Vridha Badri worshiping, praying, meditating, wondering in the craftsmanship of the temple and enjoying the natural beauty.

Vridha Badri | Best Time to Visit

  • Summer: The summer months March to June are warm and sunny with clean sky and pleasing weather. Light cottons will be enough for tour around Vridha Badri.
  • Monsoon: It decorate Vridha Badri region with spectacular beauty. The green environs and enchanting view of Himalayas during the rainfall is unbeatable. Raincoat is the must have item for tour around Vridha Badri during monsoon.
  • Spring: Spring months October and November are lovely with clear sky, pleasing weather and cool climatic condition in Vridha Badri. Season of fruits and flowers, spring makes Vridha Badri region more lively and lovely.
  • Winter: Winter in Vridha Badri is chilling cold and sometimes the temperature goes below zero. Warm woolen clothes are must during Vridha Badri tour in winter season.

Vridha Badri | How to Reach ?

Vridha Badri is only 7Km easy trek from Joshimath. Vridha Badri lies before Helang on the route to Kalpeshwar. Here we discuss on how to reach Joshimath from other parts of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand:

  • By air: Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 268Km from Joshimath.
  • By rail: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 251Km from Joshimath. Rishikesh is 42.7Km from Dehradun and 23.8Km from Haridwar.
  • By road: Joshimath is connected to motorable road with Rishikesh and lies on Rishikesh-Badrinath road. The route is Rishikesh-Devprayag-Srinagar-RudraprayagKarnaprayagNandprayag-Joshimath.

Route to Vridha Badri

  • Dehradun – Rishikesh – Devprayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Karnaprayag – Chamoli – Pipalkoti – Helang – Vridha Badri

Vridha Badri | Places to See

  • Joshimath: Gateway to several mountain climbing expeditions, trekking route to major Char Dham pilgrimage Badrinath, Joshimath in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is 6,150 meters above sea level.
  • Other places to visit nearby Vridha Badri are – Kalpeshwar 
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