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Gangotri National Park
Location Area (sq km) Altitude (m)
1553 7083
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Gangotri National Park established in 1989, is situated in Uttarkashi district in the upper catchment of Bhagirathi River covering 1,553 square kilometers area. Variation in altitude starting from 1800 to 7083 meters is majestically decorated by nature with Coniferous Forest, Meadows and Glaciers. Gangotri glacier, the origin of river Ganga, is located inside Gangotri National Park. The enchanting beauty of the area is highlighted by the snow clad mountains, eye catching springs and tall-dense-green forests which fill you with peace and tranquility. Gangotri National Park has typical high altitude ecosystem, physically and biologically influenced by the trans-himalayan elements to greater extent.

Gangotri National Park Tourism

In the lower elevation of the park we can see Western Himalayan Subalpine Conifer Forest and on the higher elevation we find Western Himalayan Alpine Shrub and Meadows. Chirpine, deodar, fir, spruce, oak and rhododendron are the common vegetation in Gangotri National Park.

Various rare and endangered species like bharal or blue sheep, black bear, brown bear, Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Snowcock, Himalayan Thar, musk deer and Snow leopard are found in the park. The birds and animals usually found in Gangotri National Park are Bulbul, Doves, Himalayan Barbet, Ibex, Parakeet, Partridges, Pheasants, Pigeons, Serow, Snow Loepard, Thar and Tiger. As per the study of Paramanand et. al. in 2000, there are 15 species of mammals and 150 birds species in Gangotri National Park.

Tourists who want to make their adventure more special, generally do one of these, some of these or all of these- Hang gliding, Hiking, Jeep Safari, Mountaineering, Paragliding, River Rafting, Skiing and Trekking.

Forest Department of Uttarakhand government governs Gangotri National Park. Consequential landslides have distinctly broken up the steeper mountain sides that exist through the entire route from Gangotri to Gaumukh. The irreversible isolation caused by the landslides between forest patches including the alpine vegetation and its impact on the forest and dependent organisms must be documented. The northeastern boundary of Gangotri National Park is along the international boundary with China.

Gangotri National Park | Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Gangotri National Park is during April and October but escaping monsoon months will be good.

Gangotri National Park | Weather

  • Summer are pleasing with calm weather. Most tourists prefer to visit Gangotri National park during the summer months April, May and June. The climatic condition favors trekking and sightseeing.
  • Monsoon months July, August and September make trek difficult and the tourists may sometimes need to face the natural calamity like landslide. Routes get blocked. It is recommended to escape monsoon months to visit Gangotri National Park.
  • Spring months October and November are favorable and the greenery seems to welcome the tourists with all its might. Nature walk and sightseeing are supported by the clear sky and pleasing weather in Gangotri National Park during spring season.
  • Winter months December to March in Gangotri National park remains cold as it being in high altitude region.

Gangotri National Park | How to Reach?

First one needs to reach Dehradun by air, rail or road. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun. Dehradun is well connected with different parts of India by rail and road. From Dehradun, tourists need to hire a taxi or car to Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi is 187 Km from Dehradun.

Gangotri National Park | Route

  • Dehradun – Mussoorie – Bhediyana – Munogi – Barnigad Khatal – Naugaun – Chakragaun – Dadalgaun – Wan – Dunda –  Uttarkashi – Maneri – Dwari – Taknaur Range – Gangotri National Park
  • Dehradun Rishikesh – Narendranagar – New Tehri – Dunda – Uttarkashi – Maneri – Dwari – Taknaur Range – Gangotri National Park

Gangotri National Park | Places

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