Mussoorie Hill Station

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Mussoorie Hill Station | TOURISM
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Best time to visit Mussoorie Hill Station , You will find the best climate in Mussoorie any time during the year; the pleasant weather is  always fully prepared to host you throughout your tour. Months March to June and September to November are the best time to visit Mussoorie hill station if you want to encounter nature in its full youth.

Weather  in Mussoorie hill station:

  • Summer: April to June, temperature ranges from 10̊C to 30̊C. Mussoorie hill station offers pleasing weather during summer. Mussoorie hill station can be the best summer retreat to escape extreme heat and spend time admiring nature. You should carry light woolen clothes. Trekking, rock climbing and camping in Mussoorie hill station are best in this season.
  • Winter: Late October to Mid February, temperature ranges from 10̊C to 1̊C. Mild sun can be experienced in the day while nights too cold. You must carry heavy woolen clothes and not miss muffler, cap, gloves, socks and good pair of shoes. If you have cold allergy, try making your trip during other times of the year.
  • Monsoon: July to September, annual rainfall in Mussoorie hill station is 180cm. You can enjoy heavy rain but clouds and dark sky may forbid you from having good view of Himalayan peaks. Mist fills the area. Trekking and driving becomes difficult due to rain. You can choose to enjoy rain and experience monsoon in Mussoorie hill station with light and some light woolen clothes of your choice.
  • Spring: September and October. If you ever visit Mussoorie hill station during this time, you will always try to set another trip whenever time permits you. Mussoorie hill station blooms with beauty during September and October.

Mussoorie Hill Station | How to reach?

You should first be in Dehradun or pass through Dehradun if you are in Haridwar or Rishikesh or elsewhere to reach Mussoorie hill station.

  • By Air: Jollygrant airport Dehradun is 54.9Km from Mussoorie hill station. You must use roadways from the airport to reach Mussoorie.
  • By Rail: Dehradun railway station is the nearest railhead 30.4Km from Mussoorie hill station. You must apply roadways from Dehradun railway station to reach Mussoorie.
  • By Road: Mussoorie hill station is well connected with Delhi and other major cities of the country and has good road network within Uttarakhand state. Mussoorie bus adda at Dehradun is 30.6Km from Mussoorie hill station.

Route to Mussoorie

  • Dehradun – Mussoorie
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