Chorbari Bamak Glacier
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Chorbari Bamak Glacier, only 3Km from the most visited Hindu pilgrimage Kedarnath temple, can be reached passing through a paved road, enjoying the greenery and fascinating landscape. Situated on the foot of Kedarnath and Kirthi Stambh peaks, Chorbari Bamak glacier is separated from Gangotri Glacier by Kirthi Stambha hill. The glacier is at 3,800 meters above sea level in Rudraprayag district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state in India.

Chorbari Bamak Glacier is less known but highly attractive glacial spot that can be inserted in the list of all Char Dham pilgrimages who visit Kedarnath temple. Bestowed with beauty and natural peace, Chorbari Bamak Glacier feeds Chorbari Tal also called Gandhi Sarovar and Mandakini river, one of the 12 tributaries of holy river Ganga.

Extended over 7Km, Chorbari Bamak glacier enchants the trekkers offering what their trek worth.

Chorbari Bamak Glacier Trek

Chorbari Bamak glacier offers a easy trek to all those who reach Kedarnath. The trek begins from Gauri Kund for the trekking enthusiasts. Those who want easy journey can reach Kedarnth in pony from Gauri Kund. Trek from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath temple offers enchanting Himalayan views, passes through dense deodar forest and enthralls the trekkers with mesmerizing beauty of waterfalls. From Kedarnath, the trekkers need to pass through an iron bridge and trek through the paved road leading to Chorbari Tal (Gandhi Sarovar). Gandhi Sarovar is in the mouth of Chorbari Bamak glacier originated from one of the two snouts of the glacier, another snout feeds Mandakini river.

Legend on Chorbari Bamak Glacier

According to popular belief of Hindu devotees, lord Shiva, the guru of all gurus (teacher of all teachers) also called Aadi Guru (first teacher) transmitted Yoga to the Saptarshi on the bank of Chorbari lake (Gandhi Sarovar). Chorbari Bamak glacier holds its significance as a holy site for Hindu pilgrims as per being the sacred spot where lord Shiva transmitted his knowledge to human beings.

This sacred place houses a Bhairav (angry form of lord Shiva) temple and the cliff adjacent to Bhairav temple is called Bhairava Jhamp. This cliff was considered to be the spot for attainment of salvation and thus hindu devotees used to jump off from the cliff before British administration banned the practice in 19th century.

 Chorbari Bamak Glacier | Best Time to Visit

Summer months May to June and spring months late September to October are the best months for Chorbari Bamak glacier trek. Trekking in winter is impossible due to extreme cold and snowfall. During monsoon, there is high chance of road blockage and landslide leading to misshapenness, thus it is recommended not to visit Chorbari Bamak glacier during monsoon season.

Raincoat is must even during the summer and it is recommended to trek early morning as the climatic condition has drastic changes during the day time.

Chorbari Bamak Glacier | How to Reach?

Trek to Chorbari Bamak glacier begins from Gaurikund for those who want to enjoy the trek. Others can hire pony upto Kedarnath temple, 3Km from destination glacier. Here we discuss on how to reach Gaurikund:

  • By air: Jolly Grant Dehradun is the nearest airport 229 from Gaurikund via Rishikesh, Devprayag, Rudraprayag.
  • By rail: Dehradun railway station is 253Km, Rishikesh railway station is212Km and Haridwar railway station is 236Km from Gaurikund.
  • By road: Gaurikund is well connected by motorable roads to rest part of Uttarakhand state. Dehradun ISBT is 256Km, Rishikesh is 215Km, Haridwar is 235Km, Uttarkashi is 226Km,Tehri is 181Km, Devprayag is 141km, Srinagar is 109Km, Rudraprayag is 74Km, from Gaurikund.

Route to Chorbari Bamak Glacier

  • Dehradun – Rishikesh – Narendranagar – Chamba – Tehri – Ghansali – Chibitiga – Mayali – Tilwada – Agastyamuni – Kund – Guptakashi – Phata – Gaurikund – Kedarnath – Chorbari Bamak Glacier

Chorbari Bamak Glacier | Places Nearby

  • Chorbari Tal/Gandhi Sarovar: Chorbari Tal is on the snout of Chorbari Bamak Glacier and considered holy by Hindu devotees. According to the legend, it was the bank of Chorbari lake where lord Shiva transmitted Yoga to the Saptarshi. Chorbari Tal (lake) was renamed Gandhi Sarovar after the immersion of some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi on 1948.
  • Other places nearby Chorbari Bamak Glacier are – Vasuki Tal | Kedarnath Temple