Udham Singh Nagar

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Udham Singh Nagar | Tourism
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Tourists visit Udham Singh Nagar specially during  Summer, Spring and Winter season.

During monsoon too visitors are abundantly found enjoying the rain.As monsoon in Udham Singh Nagar is longer.Housing the beautiful mountain ranges, mesmerizing rivers, green flat lands and dense forests Udham Singh Nagar attracts tourists from and outside of Uttarakhand state and country  all round the year.

Housing the beautiful mountain ranges, mesmerizing rivers, green flat lands and dense forests Udham Singh Nagar attracts tourists from and outside of Uttarakhand state all round the year. The land of agriculture and industry Udham Singh Nagar is visited by students of industrial studies and agriculture to greater extent.

Barkoti range, Jhankaiya range, Mohof range, Pipal Parao range, Ramnagar range, Aampokhra range, South Jaspur range in Udham Singh Nagar district are the beautiful mountain ranges that provide rare mountain views to tourists in Uttarakhand state.

Rivers like Sarada which borders between neighboring country Nepal and India, Gola, Pikha, Sukhi, Baigul and their tributaries Sawaldeh, Bour, Nandhour, Bhak and Kailash glorify the beauty of Udham Singh Nagar. Water reservoirs in Udham Singh Nagar are Tumaria dam in Jaspur, Gularboj dam and Haripura Jalshay in Gadarpur, Drona dam, Baghul dam and Nanak sagar dam in Sitargunj and Sarada sagar dam in Khatima. These water reservoirs are found surrounded by tourists who love to see fishes play and also those who love fishing.

Temples with historical significance attract the religious tourists to Udham Singh Nagar. Nanak mata temple, Chaiti Devi temple, Atariya temple are some of the temples to name.

Weather in Udham Singh Nagar District

  • Summer: Month March to mid June, Udham Singh Nagar district experiences summer with tarai heat. Tourists need to wear light cottons during summer in Udham Singh Nagar district.
  • Monsoon: Monsoon in Udham Singh Nagar is longer. The months mid June to late September experience heavy rainfall and the rivers in the region get filled. Tourists who want to experience tarai rain in Uttarakhand are recommended to visit Udham Singh Nagar with umbrella or raincoat as the first item in luggage.
  • Winter: In Udham Singh Nagar monsoon is followed by winter. From October, weather turns slightly cold. Winter rain is experienced during end December and January. Tourists should carry heavy woolen in winter, special arrangements should be done during December and January of the winter months to protect oneself from chilling cold in Udham Singh Nagar district.

Udham Singh Nagar | HOW TO REACH?

  • By air: Pantnagar airport Udham Singh Nagar is 11Km from Rudrapur city, the district headquarter. Pantnagar airport has regular flight to and from Delhi.
  • By rail: Chakarpur Railway station, Khatima Railway station, Majhola Pakarya, Kashipur Junction, Kichha Railway station, Rudrapur Railway station and Bazpur railway station are the seven different railway stations in Udham Singh Nagar connecting the district to different parts of the country.
  • By road: Udham Singh Nagar is well connected by roadways to all the parts of Uttarakhand state and major cities of India. Being border to neighboring country Nepal, Udham Singh Nagar works as a gateway to and from Nepal. Also, adjoining Uttar Pradesh state has well developed roadways connection with Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand state.

Where to stay in Udham Singh Nagar District?

Udham Singh Nagar district has good provision for the tourists to stay and roam around. Forest rest house, circuit house, Zila Panchayat Dak Bungalow, P.W.D. Inspection house, Tourist rest house in Udham Singh Nagar are well equipped for visitors throughout the year. Besides, private hotels and restaurants are abundant in number depending upon the visitors’ choice and budget.

Udham Singh Nagar | FAIR & FESTIVALS

  • Chaiti Fair: Chaiti fair is held in March month every year during Navaratris in Chaiti temple of Udham Singh Nagar district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. People far and near participate in the fair with joy and devotion towards Chaiti devi.
  • Atariya Fair: Atariya fair is held in Atariya temple Udham Singh Nagar during March and April months to celebrate the Navratris. People from surrounding areas also participate in the large ceremonial fair of ten days to pay homage towards the deity Atariya.
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