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Tehri Garhwal District
Location Area (sq km) Altitude (m) Population Pin Code STD Code
10800 1550 25425 249001 01376
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Sitting on the outer ranges of the mid Himalayas, Tehri Garhwal district stretches from the snow capped Himalayan peaks of Thalaiya Sagar, Jonli and Gangotri group to the foothills of Rishikesh. Bhagirathi river flows from north of Gangotri in Uttarkashi,touches near Nagaun village of Tehri Garhwal district and runs through the district dividing it into two parts. Tehri Dam is constructed in the Bhagirathi river and has a reservoir for irrigation, municipal water supply and generation of 1,000 MW of hydroelectricity.

Yamuna river flows on its west bordering between Dehradun and Tehri Garhwal district while Bhilangana, Alaknanda and Ganga flow in the south east border separating it from Pauri Garhwal and Rudraprayag district.

Tehri Garhwal District –  Anatomy

Bhagirathi river, one of the 12 tributaries of holy river Ganga passing the district dividing into two parts and house to holy confluence of Alaknanda river and Bhagirathi river to form DevprayagTehri Garhwal derives its name Tehri from two words  Tri and Hari meaning a place that washes three kinds of sins- the sins born of Man, Vachan and Karma that means the sins created out of our thought, word and deed. Surrounded by Rudraprayag district in its east, Uttarkashi district in the north, Dehradun district in west and Pauri Garhwal district in south, Tehri Garhwal district has an average altitude of 1,550 meters.

Population of Tehri Garhwal District

According to the national census 2011, Tehri district has a total population of 618,931 with 320,945 female and 297,986 male where the child population aged 0-6 is 84,657 with 40,023 girls and 44,634 boys. The urban population is 11.33% of the total population, 70,139 in number. 88.67% of the population is rural, 548,792 in number.

76.36% people in Tehri are literate.

Total Area 3,642 Sq. Km.  
Particulars Total Female Male Remarks
Population 618,931 320,945 297,986 Growth rate: 2.35% change as of 2001
Sex ratio 1077 women per 1000 men
Literate population 407,994 180,588 227,406
Literacy rate (%) 76.36 64.28 89.76
Child population (age 0-6) 84,657 40,023 44,634 13.68% of total
Child sex ratio 897 girls per 1000 boys
Urban Population 70,139 31,534 38,605 11.33% of total
Urban sex ratio  817 women per 1000 men
Urban literate population 55,218 23,168 32,050
Urban Literacy rate (%) 88.77 83.05 93.43
Urban Child population (age 0-6) 7,939 3,638 4,301 11.32% of total
Urban Child sex ratio 846 girls per 1000 boys
Rural population 548,792 289,411 259,381 88.67% of total
Rural sex ratio  1116women per 1000 men
Rural literate population 352,776 157,420 195,356
Rural Literacy rate (%) 74.73 62.21 89.18
Rural Child population (age 0-6) 76,718 36,385 40,333 % of total
Rural Child sex ratio  902 girls per 1000 boys
Proportion to Uttarakhand Population 6.14%

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