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Mahasu Devta Temple & Fair
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Mahasu Devta Fair, held on the Hindu month Bhadra (August-September) every year is widely celebrated by the people of Jausar-Babar region of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. People from Dehradun, Tehri Garhwal and Uttarkashi districts joyfully participate in the fair along with people from some of the regions of Himanchal Pradesh.  Mahasu Devta Fair, held in Mahasu Devta temple is a three day celebration where pooja (worship) of Mahasu Devta is performed.

A day before Bhadra Shukla Chaturtha is Jagara- the idol of Chalta Mahasu is taken out from the altar where it is kept with other idols of deities during the year and ritually bathed on a natural spring. In the evening, the deity is again placed at the altar with other deities. As evening grows, a tall pole of pine tree is planted on the ground and flag is hoisted on it. Chira is formed by another pine tree pole and a goat is offered to the deity. In the night, people dance in circle around chira with burning torches in their hand, singing Jagar.

Day of Bhadra Shukla Chaturtha is Haryadi. On this day, a procession is held where the people participating in fair walk in rows. Finally the procession comes to an end and the deity is again sited on its original place. Harul and Tandi dances are performed all night to please Mahasu Devta. People keep the lamp between pine trees on the night of Harayadi to please the God. They also spend night inside the temple premises as penance.

On the final day, idol of Chalta Mahasu is again taken out and bathed. The idol is placed in Garbh Griha and the temple is open for devotees. People go for Darshan of the god and seek blessings for themselves and family from Mahasu Devta. Havan and offering of goat is the major activity in this day. The government of India provides the materials to perform the rituals.

Tourists who want to observe or study the culture and tradition of local tribes, are recommended to participate in Mahasu Devta fair. Mahasu Devta fair provides the participants enough chances to observe the local music, dance, food and costume.

Mahasu Devta Temple – Location

Mahasu Devta temple sits on the bank of Tons river-the tributary of Yamuna, and can be approached from Dehradun through Chakrata or through Mussoorie.  Usually quoted to be in Dehradun district, Mahasu Devta temple is situated in Uttarkashi district 2Km from the border of Dehradun district. Mahasu Devta temple is 182Km from Dehradun city through Chakrata, 93.9Km from Chakrata in Chakrata-Tyuni road and 179Km from Dehradun city through Mussoorie, 149Km from Mussoorie through the roads passing through Tehri and Uttarkashi districts.

There are many Mahasu Devta temple scattered in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand and some regions of Himanchal Pradesh. Mahasu Devta is believed to protect the people of Jaunsar-Bawar region.

Legend of Mahasu Devta Fair

At the end of Dwapar Yuga and beginning of Kali Yuga, after lord Krishna disappeared, demons started wandering over Uttarakhand- the land of Gods. Kirmir Rakshyas (demon) ate up all six sons of a Brahmin named Huna Bhaat. When Kirmir was about to eat the seventh. The Bhaat couple prayed Hatkeshwari devi who suggested them to leave the place and pray lord Shiva to protect them. Lord Shiva later asked them to return home and Huna Bhatt was to perform some rituals. He had to plough a part of their field every Sunday for six weeks and on the seventh the Mahasu brothers and their warriors would appear and protect human from demons. When Huna ploughed the field on sixth Sunday, Mahasu brothers were already there and they were hurt by the Brahmin unknowingly- the first deity to appear was Botha. Botha was hurt in the knee and thus became unable to walk. Second Pavasi got a small cut out of his ear. Third Basik became visionless. Forth Chalta was not hurt and their mother Deoladi mata also remained unhurt.

The warriors of these four Mahasu fought with Krimir and his army and finally handed peaceful land for the people. Thus people worship and celebrate the arrival of Mahasu Devta on Bhadra Shukla Chaturdashi every year. Chalta Mahasu resides in Hanol.

Mahasu Devta temple | Best Time to Visit

Most tourists want to participate in Mahasu Devta fair. August-September confirming the dates when the fair occurs is the best time to visit Mahasu Devta temple to participate in Mahasu Devta fair. Besides it, the best time to Visit Mahasu Devta temple at Hanol is from March to May – the summer season when weather is fine and sky is clean. Tourists can also visit from late September to late October when rain stops and you can enjoy a pleasing weather. Mild rainfall during the Monsoon months makes roads slippery and in winter from November to February the weather is chilly.

Other festivals in Uttarakhand

  • Jhanda Fair: Jhanda fair is an annual fair celebrated in Dehradun city of Uttarakhand state and participated by hundred thousands of people from various districts of India. Majorly celebrated by Sikhs in memory of Guru Ram Rai, Jhanda fair is highly honored religious fair. Held on the fifth day of Holi (the festival of colors) every year.
  • Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra: Nanda Devi Raj Jat (yatra) is the most popular festival of Uttarakhand residents, celebrated every 12 years, with a faith of Garhwali and Kumauni people over goddess Nanda (Parvati) as their daughter and deity at the same time.  Gods and goddesses traded around the Himalayan state in ancient times and left their marks for people to preserve the traditions.
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