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Chakrata Dehradun
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Originally a British Indian Army cantonment, and known as Jaunsar-bawar for it belongs to the Jaunsari tribe, Chakrata sits beautifully between Tons and Yamuna rivers, 7000-7250 feet above the sea level. Chakrata is a far away hill station, 86.7Km Northwest of Dehradun with Mussoorie on east and Kinnaur on west.

Chakrata Dehradun Tourism

Chakrata Dehradun is one of the major tourist destinations in Dehradun. In the banks of two beautiful rivers, Chakrata has a placid environment with varied flora and fauna. Coniferous, rhododendron and oak trees are abundantly found, the rhododendron that bloom during February, March and April make the region more alluring and attract more tourists. Tiger fall, a mesmerizing waterfall, is the major attraction of Chakrata. Chakrata village also has several natural caves. And several temples like Hanol, Indroli, Lakhwar, Lakhamandal, Mahasu Devta Temple, Radina and Thaina with their legends relating to the Hindu holy epic Mahabharata are other beautiful sites that tourists must visit in Chakrata.

Near to the city is Deoban or Devban, a green lively village that you must go and you will be bewildered with a panoramic view of the Himalayas from Kinnaur to Garhwal and Kumaon. When they slope down from the outer stretch of Deoban, tourists reach Mundali. Every year during November to April, hundreds of adventure lovers come for skiing in the alpine meadows of Mundali, 2776 meters above sea level.

History of Chakrata Dehradun

In 1866, Colonel Hume of 55th regiment had established a British Indian Army cantonment and it was occupied by troops and officers in 1869.  Chakrata Tahsil was part of Dehradun district in 1901. Towns of Chakrata and Kalsi were into it.

Best time to visit Chakrata Dehradun

Summer months March to June and spring months October and November provide pleasing weather and clear sky to enjoy the beauty of Chakrata Dehradun. These are the best months to visit Chakrata Dehradun though tourists can enjoy the rain in monsoon and chilling cold in winter.

Weather in Chakrata Dehradun

  • In summer, temperature ranges between min. 10 to max 30 degree Celsius, and the weather is salubrious and pleasant. You can wear cotton and light woolen clothes.
  • In monsoon, July to September, rainfall may lead to landslides and road may get blocked for some hours. You should be prepared for it and don’t forget your raincoats! And yes, this is monsoon, clothes of your choice.
  • In spring, weather is pleasant to roam around and enjoy the natural beauty. Greenery and dawning environment of the surrounding makes Chakrata Dehradun lovely to trek through.
  • In winter, temperature ranges from min 5 to max 15 degree Celsius, snowfall will add to your fun. You must carry heavy woolen clothes.

Chakrata Dehradun | How to Reach?

Chakrata can be reached from Dehradun through two ways- through Mussoorie or through Vikashnagar. You can enjoy beautiful mountainous road with spectacular view out of the window shield in both routes. The journey is 4 hours drive from Dehradun and 3 hours from Ponta Sahib.

  • By Air: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 112Km away, 2 hours 3 minutes ride from Chakrata.
  • By Train: Dehradun railway station is 89.3Km away, 1 hours 34 minutes ride from Chakrata.
  • By Road: 89.5 Km away, 1 hour and 36 minutes ride from Dehradun ISBT. Well connected motorable roads, luxury and normal bus service from Delhi ISBT to Chakrata, Mussoorie, and Dehradun.

Chakrata Dehradun | Where to Stay ?

There are many Forest Guest Houses run by forest department of Uttarakhand scattered around Chakrata. The guest houses are mostly occupied so you must book beforehand. Advance booking is assured from Kalsi, Dehradun and Mussoorie  Forestry Offices. Some private hotels are also running in the region. You can also camp in the forest- locals will share folk tales and you can enjoy the local food with the help of local people- this will be a lifetime memory to spend night in the dense forest and wake up the next morning to view magnificent Himalayan range.

If you want to get out from Chakrata city for the night rest, you can drive 100Km to Hanol and Arakot where Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam has two guest houses.

 Chakrata Dehradun | Places Nearby

Kalsi | Mussoorie | Mahasu Devta Temple