Champawat District | Population

According to the national census 2011, Rudraprayag district has a total population of 259,648 with 128,523 female and 131,125 male where the child population aged 0-6 is 37,028 with 17,262 girls and 19,766 boys. The urban population is 14.77% of the total population, 38,343 in number. 85.23% of the population is rural, 221,305 in number.

79.83% people in Champawat are literate.

Total Area 1,766 Sq. Km.
Population259,648128,523131,125Growth rate: 15.63% change as of 2001
Sex ratio980 women per 1000 men
Literate population177,72675,711102,015
Literacy rate (%)79.8368.0591.61
Child population (age 0-6)37,02817,26219,76614.26% of total
Child sex ratio873 girls per 1000 boys
Urban Population38,34318,06020,28314.77% of total
Urban sex ratio890 women per 1000 men
Urban literate population27,81612,18015,636
Urban Literacy rate (%)82.6576.4088.26
Urban Child population (age 0-6)4,6862,1182,56812.22% of total
Urban Child sex ratio825 girls per 1000 boys
Rural population221,305110,463110,84285.23% of total
Rural sex ratio997 women per 1000 men
Rural literate population149,91063,53186,379
Rural Literacy rate (%)79.3366.6592.24
Rural Child population (age 0-6)32,34215,14417,19814.61% of total
Rural Child sex ratio881 girls per 1000 boys
Proportion to Uttarakhand Population2.57%