Pauri Garhwal District

Dhari Devi Temple

Dhari Devi temple situated at Dang Chaura on Srinagar-Rudraprayag road lies in Rudraprayag district and is only few kilometers from Pauri Garhwal district in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state in India. Sitting on the bank of Alakhnanda river, Dhari Devi temple is believed to protect the tirtha yatri (pilgrims) of Char Dham.

Dhari Devi temple with an idol of goddess Kali with her upper half body is a fierce image. Goddess Kali is the dark and dangerous form of goddess Parvati who drank the blood of demons to protect the gods. Parvati took the Kalirup (Kali [dark] form) when she was fighting the demon King Mahisasur and his arm force. To kill Raktabij, the demon whose single drop of blood if fell on ground turned into as gigantic and fierce demon as himself, goddess Kali chopped off the head of Raktabij and drank all his blood. This is how the goddess protected gods and their heaven. Before the fight with demons, Parvati had turned into a beautiful lady bathing on the spring nearby Mahisasur’s palace to attract the demon King and kill him on the request of Indradev (king of heaven).


Legend of Dhari Devi Temple

Local legend on Dhari Devi states that once there was a huge flood in Alakhananda river which swap away many properties. After the flood, locals heard a woman crying in the river site. When they reached the bank of Alakhananda, they saw the upper half of an idol of goddess Kali attached against a rock in Alakhananda river and they heard an instruction that the goddess wants to be installed at the very place as she is under the open sky. Locals followed the instructions and established Dhari Devi temple in the small island in Alakhnanda river few kilometers below Kaliya Saur in Srinagar-Rudraprayag road.

The lower half of the idol is believed to be in Kalimath in Rudraprayag district, 67Km from Dhari Devi temple. Kalimath is on the way to Kedarnath temple, nearby Guptakashi.


Dhari Devi and Flood 2013

The devastating flood of 16th June 2013 is, for the locals who had high faith upon the deity, related to Dhari Devi temple. Locals believe that Dhari Devi is the goddess who protects the pilgrims to Char Dham in Uttarakhand state of India. Government of India and the state Government of Uttarakhand moved the idol of Dhari Devi from her original location on the evening of 16th June 2013 besides locals protest not to move the deity or the people will have to face destructive results. The central government and state government turned their deaf ears even to the environmentalists who were insisting that establishing a Dam across Alakhananda river would pollute the river and bring negative results to the lives of people. On the night of 16th June 2013, Kedarkshetra faced heavy rainfall followed by mass destructive flood that damaged area around Kedarnath temple and affected the region upto Haridwar through Devprayag and Rishikesh. Mass destruction, death and casualties caused by the flood might have more other reasons but for the locals, it was the result of moving Dhari Devi temple from her original position.

In the year 1882, when a local King tried to move the idol of Dhari Devi to somewhere else from her original place, the area had faced flood and destruction.


Dhari Devi | TOURISM

Dhari Devi temple idol is established in a 20 meters high rock.  Dhari village can be reached passing through a hanging bridge on the opposite side of Alakhananda river. Read more »