Char Dham

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  • Janaki Chatti: Janaki is another name of goddess Sita, the wife of lord Rama the incarnation of lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga. Janaki Chatti on the way to Yamunotri is a beautiful village from where the trek to Yamunotri begins. The last village in the route to Yamunotri, Janaki chatty is popular for the hot water springs where Char Dham pilgrims take bath.
  • Hanuman Chatti: Temple dedicated to Hanuman, Hanuman Chhatti is believed to be the place where second Pandava Bheema of Hindu holy epic Mahabharata met with god Hanuman- the monkey form of lord Shiva incarnated to support lord Vishnu who had incarnated in the form of lord Rama during Treta Yuga. Hanuman appeared in Dwapar Yuga in front of Bheema in the form of old Monkey with its tail spread long on the way through which Bheema was going to pick a flower for Draupadi during their exile. Hanuman did so to test the strength of Bheema who boasted about his strength. Not being able to lift the tail of Hanuman, Bheema realized that it was not a normal monkey but lord Shiva himself had come to bless him.
  • Ranachatti: Rana Chatti, 16Km from Yamunotri, is a small picturesque village on the way to Yamunotri where pilgrims rest and sometimes halt at night. The beautiful village with hospital villagers and painted houses attract the tourists with enchanting environs. Shani Maharaj temple and lake Bugyal Dhinara lie around 3.5Km from Rana Chhatti.
  • Syanachatti: Syana Chatti is a small beautiful spot on the bank of sacred river Yamuna on the way to Yamunotri temple. Syana Chatti, 18Km from Yamunotri, works as a rest point to the pilgrims to Yamunotri. Pilgrims halt for night stay at Syanachatti.
  • Bhaironghati: Bhaironghati is a small forested village 10Km from Gangotri housing a Bhairav temple. Pilgrims to Char Dham believe that Bhairav temple in Bhaironghati must be visited after paying visit to Gangotri temple. 3Km from Bhaironghati lies a small town named Lanka Chatti housing Asia’s highest level bridge at 2789 meters above sea level over the Jhanvi river.
  • Gaumukh: Emerging from a circle located below the Chaukhamba peak, Gangotri glacier flows roughly towards northwest and takes a turn creating a cow’s mouth. The point is named Gaumukh where gau means cow and mukh means mouth. Gangotri glacier feeds Bhagirathi river- one of the major tributaries of river Ganga through Gaumukh. Gaumukh lies near the base of Shivling peak.
  • Kedar Tal: Kedar Tal, 18Km from Gangotri temple, is beautiful glacial lake on the lap of Thaliyasagar peak. Views of tall Himalayan peaks from the lake seem to compete with the beauty of mesmerizing Kedar Tal. Kedar Tal is base camp to the surrounding Himalayas.
  • Nandavan Tapovan: Nandanvan is the base camp of Bhagirathi peak 25Km from Gangotri temple on the way to Gangotri glacier. The beautiful Nandanvan prodives panoramic view of Shivling peak.
  • Vasuki TalVasuki Tal, 8Km from Kedarnath temple, in Rudraprayag district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand in India is the enchanting lake where lord Vishnu is believed to have bathed in ancient times.
  • Gaurikund: Gaurikund is the lake where goddess Parvati bathed during ancient times. The beautiful lake nearby Kedarnath temple has hot water springs which are now turned into bathing spots and the pilgrims to Kedarnath take bath in the springs before entering Kedarnath temple.
  • Sonprayag: Mandakani river meets Basuki river in Rudraprayag district forming the holy confluence of Son Prayag. Hindu devotees consider the holy confluence very sacred and it is a believe that the one who touches the water of Son prayag attains Baikunth Dham (lord Vishnu’s place).
  • Triyuginarayan: Trijuginarayan in Rudraprayag district is considered the holy place where marriage ceremony of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati had taken place. There is a burning flame in Trijuginarayan which never extinguishes and is believed that Shiva-Parvati had taken the oath of marriage hood circling the flame.
  • Mata Murti Temple: Mata Murti temple is dedicated to the mother of lord Badrinath and is situated 3Km from Badrinath temple.
  • Mana Village: 3Km from Badrinath temple along the Alaknanda river, you will reach a small beautiful village Mana that houses Vyas Gufa where the writer of Mahabharata, sage Vyas had been born and meditated. Saraswati river is visible nearby Vyas Gufa and Ganesh Guha. You can also view Vasudhara waterfall and reach at the waterfall trekking 4Km from Mana village. The wooden houses with lovely balconies and houses with slate walls and roofs built in traditional style along the narrow stone paths in Mana village attract you the much locals attract you by their pleasing smiles and dearly interactions.
  • Alka Puri: Believed to be the home of Yakshya, Gandarva and Kuber Alka Puri is 15Km from Badrinath temple. Alka puri is the originating point of Alakhnanda river from Satopanth glacier and the snout of Bhagirath-Khark glacier.