Almora District

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  • Almora Fort: Almora Fort made in Almora Hill Station by archaic Chanda Dynasty will keep you spellbound with its architectural beauty. You will thank the person who directed you towards Almora Fort.
  • Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum: The only museum in the hill station, Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum has a great collection of history, archeology and ancient culture. Aspen and Kumauni folk style paintings add beauty to the museum. There is a big hall which preserves the precious items of Katyuri and Chand dynasties who had ruled Almora in past.
  • The Mall: Tourists halt to observe the carved wooden doors and windows of the shops of the picturesque mall which is parallel to the market area of Almora hill station. You will love to visit the Mall.
  • Lakhuudiyar: Almora ruled by Chand Dynasty in past has treasured their architectural skill. Lakhuudiyar is one of them where history and creativity merge satisfying your soul. The prehistoric rock paintings of human beings, animals, lizards, group of dancers are few among many that you can’t stop appreciating.
  • Bright End Corner (2Km): An ideal spot for morning and evening walk and sunrise, sunset and moonrise view besides the spectacular snow capped peaks, you can halt at Bright end corner on your way to Almora from Nainital. Don’t miss to visit Vivekananda Library and Vivekananda Memorial near the sunset point. You can rest at a circuit house on your way back.
  • Banari Devi Temple (2Km): Octagonal temple with broken stone statue of lord Vishnu lying down on Sheshnaag, Banari Devi temple is situated at 1,900 meters above the sea level. Kumauni locals believe that their wishes are fulfilled in Banari Devi temple. They often visit the temple with offerings.
  • Deer Park (3Km): Visit to the popular Deer Park will let you an opportunity to walk through narrow passage of pine trees and observe the wildlife. Deer park preserves the endangered wild species like deer, leopards, Himalayan black beer.
  • Kalimath (5Km): A beautiful picnic spot in Almora, Kalimath offers commanding view of the Himalayan peaks and picturesque view of Almora town. The black soil of the place gives its name Kali (black) and Math (soil). One kilometer trek will lead you to Kashar Devi Temple dedicated to goddess Kali (Bhairavi-d dangerous form of Parvati).
  • Kashar Devi Temple (6Km): You can drive 5Kms and trek 1Km to reach Kashar Devi Temple built on 2nd Century situated near Kalimath if you want to explore Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand and make most of your trip. This temple is dedicated to Kali, the Bhairavi (dangerous) form of goddess Parvati.
  • Binsar Temple: Kumauni people believe that Binsar is the abode of Lord Shiva also known as Binsar Dev (Deo). Visit to the Binsar Temple can be extended to the visit to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which will offer you with majestic collection of flora and fauna.
  • Dronagiri Temple: Relating its history to Ramayana and the Sanjivni booti (life saving herb) in the Dronagiri hill also known as Dunagiri hill, the Dronagiri is a Durga (Shakti) Temple. Dronagiri is considered as most ancient Sidh (that fulfills your desire) Shaktipeeth in Kumaon region.
  • Chitai Temple (8Km): Temple of Golu devta- the god of justice, worshipped by Kumauni people, Chitai temple is believed to fulfill the wishes of devotees. People hand bells in the temple premise when their wishes are fulfilled. You can enjoy the majestic view of great Himalaya from Chitai temple premises. If you walk for one more hour, you can dance with nature in the dense pine forest.
  • Patal Devi Temple: Situated in village Shail of Almora district, Patal Devi Temple, associated to saintess Maa Anandmayi- is 200 years old. The beautifully carved temple is widely appreciated by the visitors.
  • Surya (Sun) Temple: Built in 9th Century by Katarmalla, a Katyuri king, the Surya temple at Katarmal provides the magnificent view of Almora. The temple has a cluster of 44 small exquisitely carved temples surrounding it. The magnificently carved beautiful pillars and wooden doors, spectacular architecture and artistic stone and metallic sculptures are admired by anyone who reaches the Surya temple.
  • Jageshwar Temple : One of the twelve Jyotirlinga,  and itself believed to be the abode of twelve Jyotirlingas, statue of Swoyambhu Shiva is the center of faith and attraction of Jageshwar temple. The main temple complex is dedicated to Bal Jageshwar. Bal meaning kid or child and Jageshwar being the other name of lord Shiva, clarifies the name as an abode of child lord Shiva. This place is believed to be the meditation center of lord Shiva when he young.   You can also see many small temples of other deities around the main temple. Around 33Km away from Almora hill station, Jageshwar temple is meeting point of sacred rivers Shurbhi and Nandini. Finely carved in 8th and 18th centuries, the temples attract thousands of pilgrims and non-pilgrim tourists round the year.

    In the temple complex, on a higher slope, you can see Vridh Jageshwar, an old temple which offers nature lovers the fine ground to watch beautiful Himalayan peaks from its premises; Mritola Ashram popular among the foreign spiritual practitioners is another attraction  only 2Km from Vridh Jageshwar. Patoria Farm is another attractive place which lies on the temple complex. Golu Devata or Chitai temple is near to the temple and can be visited the same day.

  • Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial: Built in Ranikhet in 1974, Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial is a symbol of bravery and sacrifice made by soldiers of the place. Every year a parade is held in respect of the sacrifice of soldiers. The museum in the place was built in 1978 and Kumauni legacy and customs are preserved in Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum.
  • Siyahi Devi Temple (36Km): Dedicated to goddess Siyahi, Siyahi Devi Temple is a popular temple in Kumaon region. You will love to visit Khoont, Simtola and Ranikhet nearby the temple.
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