Valley of Flowers
Location Area (sq km) Altitude (m)
87.50 3250 - 6750
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Valley of Flowers is the land of heavenly beauty sitting amidst the Zanskar in north and great Himalayas on east, south and west making it the best region with rich diversity of floral diversity. Numbers of medicinal plants also grow in the valley of flowers. Sitting majestically at an altitude of 3,600 meters in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand state in India, valley of flowers fascinate the trekkers with its beauty and fragrance.

Valley covered with colorful flowers ranging from small plants almost attached to the ground, many growing in the rocks to tall and easily recognizable plants, Valley of flowers National Park attracts thousands of tourists from and outside India.

BrahmaKamal, blue poppy, cobra lily, Himalayan balsam, Himalayan hogweed, Himalayan whorlflower, edelweiss, trailing bellflower, blue geranimus, blue daisy, river beauty Epilobium Latifolia, Aconitum Balfourii, Aconitum violaceum, Allium wallichi, Anemone obtusifolia, Aster albescens, Aster diplostephioides, astragalus himalayanus, campanula latifolia, campanula pallid, cicerbita macrorhiza, commelina benghalensis, cynanthus lobatus, cyananthus microphyllus, cypripedium himalaicum, Dactylorhiza hatagirea, Epilobium latifolium, epilobium laxum, gentian pedicellata, geranium collinum, geranium robertianum, geranium wallichianum, impatients sulcata, iris kemaonesis, lactuca dolichophylla, pedicularis porrecta, polygonum capitatum, primula denticulate, rhododendron lepidotum, roscoea purpurea, saussurea piptathera, saussurea simpsoniana, thalictrum cultratum, thymus linearis, vigna vexillata, viola pilosa are some of the flowers in valley of flowers.

Valley of Flowers – Journey from Discovery to World Heritage site

Most frequented by flower lovers, botanists and trekking enthusiasts, Valley of flower was limited among the locals till 1931. Locals too dared not enter the valley as they considered it as the land of fairies who come to dance from the heaven. In the year 1931 when a team of six British mountaineers including R.L. Holdsworth and Frank S. Smith on their way back from mount Kamet lost their route and happened to come across the beautiful Bhyundar valley that lies on the upper expanse of Bhyundar Ganga. R.L. Holdsworth was the first to notice the flower’s valley. Later Frank S. Smith wrote his book ‘Valley of Flowers’ and the flower’s valley had already gained its name Valley of Flowers.

In 1982, the flowery heaven was declared Valley of Flowers National Park preserving more than 600 plant species and many animals, birds and butterflies. The region was put under Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve from 2000, the whole biosphere reserve surrounded by a buffer zone. Valley of Flowers National Park is declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO along with Nanda Devi National Park.

Colors and Shades in Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers blooms to its youth from mid July till end of August. This is the best time for valley of flowers trek to see the nature’s magical beauty. Tourists start visiting valley of flowers from the first week of June when it opens for tourists till the end of September. During these times, visitors can witness different colors and shades in Valley of flowers changing from white, green, yellow and brown. Pink, blue and purple are the dominant colors.

From early June the snow starts melting rapidly and small plants start erupting. By end of June the white valley of flowers turn to green gradually and new flowers take out their head in the fresh air. July and August months serve the travelers with ultimate pleasure. New flowers blooming and the older ones dying is a common phenomenon in Valley of flowers. The color turns from green to yellow in August. In September there will be fewer flowers – most of the flower verities already sleeping in the soil leaving back the seeds to germinate next summer. Valley of Flowers turn brown from yellow and on the last of September the national park get closed till next season.

Valley of Flowers | Trek

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