Kuari Pass Trek
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Kuari Pass 4,265 meters above sea level, situated in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, is a major trekking destination in Chamoli district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand frequented by hundreds of trekkers throughout the year. Popular among the European and American trekkers, Kuari Pass trek provides two different trekking routes both of which are mostly trekked by all trekking enthusiasts  starting from one route and ending through the next route.

Kuari Pass Trek is all about excitement in the easy trail with breathtaking view of splendid Himalayan peaks, mesmerizing rivers, enchanting green landscape, dense forests and lesser possesses.The trekkers need to walk between 3500 meters to 4265 meters, crossing three lesser passes, five major rivers namely Pindar, Kaliganga, Nandakini, Birehiganga and Dhauli Ganga. The magnificient view of Trishul, Kedarnath, Kamet, Nilkantha, Gori Parvat, Hathi Parvat, Badrinath, Dronagiri, Rishikot, Changabang, Kedarnath, Choukhamba, Nanda Devi and Nanda Ghunti accelerate your excitement and you feel like treading in the heaven.

Fun factors in Kuari Pass Trek

Fresh air, majestic view of rivers, passes, green valley and Himalayas in Kuari Pass trek do not just refresh the tourists but also fills with extreme pleasure to forget all the stress and workload back home. Fun could be extended by involving in rock climbing and moon light trekking. In the route to Kuari Pass, trekkers may encounter shepherds with their flock and if interested, the trekkers can even rest in the shepherd’s hut treasuring the most memorable moments of life. Living the life of someone for even a few minutes give knowledge of the life they are living. Travelers no doubt rejuvenate. Or else, there is always the option of camping on tent. To the first timers, this will be the most exciting experience- living under the sky in an open area, smelling the earth and breathing the fresh air.

Kuari Pass Trek | Best Time to Visit

Escaping the monsoon months to escape slippery way and untimely rainfall extending your trip, you can trek to Kuari Pass any time of the year. Temperature in summer remains between 19̊C to 29̊C while in winter the temperature falls upto -8̊C and the maximum temperature can go up to 12̊C.

Weather in Kuari Pass

  • Summer : Kuari Pass Trek is best during summer season starting from April till mid-June. The calm and pleasing summer sun makes the trek enjoyable. Light clothes are okay during the trek.
  • Monsoon : Untimely rainfall of monsoon at Kuari Pass make the route muddy and slippery for the trekkers. It is better to avoid  trekking though many tourists enjoy the monsoon rain in Kuari Pass.
  • Spring : Spring months mid-September to early November are considered best time to trek Kuari Pass. The trekking is fun with green vegetation all around and the calm weather favors the trekkers.
  • Winter : Chilling cold at Kuari pass makes the trek difficult during winter season. Besides the tough climatic conditions,always like by trakkers. Heavy woolen clothes and shoes are must for trekking during winter.

Kuari Pass Trek | How to Reach ?

The trip to Kauri Pass begins from Rishikesh, Dehradun and Haridwar are the nearest places to begin from Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, drive through Devprayag, reach Rudraprayag passing through Srinagar, go to Karnaprayag and head up to Nandprayag. Here the trekkers can start their way to Ghat and begin the trek. You will pass through Ramana-Pana and Dakhwani finally reaching Kauri pass. If the tourists plan to drive further from Nandprayag through Chamoli to Joshimath, the alternate route can be taken. Trek to Auli, pass through Gorsan Bugyal and reach Kuari Pass. Usually the trekkers enter through one trekking route and exit through another trekking route to make the most of their trek. Auli-Gorsen Bugyal route to Kauri Pass is not recommended for winter trek.

  • By Air: Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 208Km from Nandprayag and 268Km from Joshimath.
  • By Rail: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest rail-head 191Km from Nandprayag and 251Km from Joshimath.
  • By Road: Nandprayag and Joshimath have well connected roads to other parts of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. Regular bus service is from Srinagar to Joshimath. Srinagar has regular bus service from Rishikesh.

Route to Kuari Pass

  • Dehradun – Rishikesh – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Karnaprayag – Nandprayag – Ghat – Ramana – Pana – Dakhwani – Kuari Pass

Kuari Pass Trek | Places Nearby

  •  Neelkantha: Surrounded by thick Oak and deodar forest, Neelkantha Mahadev Temple is situated 32Km away from Rishikesh and lies in Pauri Garhwal district of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand at the place where people believe that lord Shiva had consumed the Venom that had emited during the Sumandra Manthan. The Deva-Asura sculpture depecting the samundra manthan on top of the temple is symbolic. Devotees take bath in the natural spring in the temple complex before entering the temple premises.
  • Recommended places  near to  Kuari Pass Trek are – Nandprayag Nanda Devi National Park Nanda Devi Temple  | Auli  |  Badrinath  |  Joshimath